Turning 90

Turning 90

I’m not turning 90. But my mother is, in just a few days. She’s always been a little proud to share a birthday with Thomas Edison. My dad died when he was 83, and both of my in-laws were gone by their mid-80s as well. So it feels like a big deal to have our […]

Looking for a Valentine’s Read?


Today February begins. I did quite a bit of normal grocery store and Target kind of shopping over the weekend, and everywhere I went were reminders that February means Valentine’s Day. And it dawned on me I should let you know that my newest book, Peace Like a River, revolves around Valentine’s Day and little […]

What To Do With an Old Favorite Quilt


Sometimes I don’t like to face reality. So help me out. As you can perhaps discern from the photo here, I have a favorite quilt that has seen better days. For quite some time I have tried to fool myself into thinking I could just patch it and it would be chic. And then the […]

Fresh Starts


Despite what you might think based on the title, this post is not about the new year or any of the familiar January themes. This is about a space I have not often found myself in the last several years. I’m not actively writing. But I’m actively dreaming up stories. In fact, I’m working on […]

2015 in Blitz Form

Olivia Newport paper trees

Here are 10 random reflections on my life in 2015. Shopping for a wedding dress is a day-long committee meeting but only one person has a vote that matters. (But the entire wedding party agrees my daughter will look spectacular as a June bride.) It is not possible to watch The West Wing too many […]

Hidden Falls at Bargain Price

Olivia Newport Hidden Falls special

Just a quick heads up that my Hidden Falls series is priced low, low, low until December 31. The whole series is available in e-book formats. The first part is free (as it always is) and then parts two, three, four and five are only .99 each. That means you can get the whole series—equal […]

“The peace of Christ be with your spirit.”

“The peace of Christ be with your spirit.”

I’ve been playing hooky. I admit it. I never did that when I was in school. Not even for senior ditch day. Not even for a mind-numbing class in college or a boring lecture in grad school. If I could take back all the days I went to class sick, I would. But even that […]

Peace Like a River

Peace Like a River cover flat

A couple of weeks ago I promised that as soon as I had the cover image for Peace Like a River, my first contribution to the Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries series, I would share it. And here it is! This is what’s called a “cover flat”—you see the front cover, the spine, and the back cover […]

The Midwest in the Girl

Fall leaves – Larry

I make no apology for the fact that I go to the library a lot. In fact, its half-mile proximity to my home was an appealing factor for choosing this house nineteen years ago. In addition to the satisfaction of visiting the home of thousands of books, it makes a nice gentle walk in fine […]

Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries

Olivia Newport Sugarcreek, OH

Today I hit a milestone. A couple of times a year, I have that moment where I hit the end of a first draft of a new book. And it’s a relief every time. Today I finished the first draft of my second contribution to the Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries Series being published by Guideposts Books. […]