Answer the Door. Meet the Day.

Olivia Newport gas can

A few days ago, I had just poured my morning coffee when the doorbell rang. My  neighbor would have called if she was coming over. My daughter would have rung the bell at least six times quickly to let me know it was her. It was too early even for the FedEx guy. So I […]

I Like Trains!

I Like Trains!

All through my childhood, my dad commuted by train to his job in downtown Chicago. It was a daily chore, morning and evening, for someone to drop him off at the train station in the morning and pick him up in the evening. A lot of my practice driving time as a teenager involved driving […]

Field Trip to Limon, Colorado

Field Trip to Limon, Colorado

Eighteen years ago I moved from Illinois to Colorado. For a long time, a couple of times a year we drove back and forth for family visits—usually spring break and Thanksgiving. My kids loved seeing the cousins, and they became quite accomplished car travelers. They knew where all the good truck stops were. Usually we […]

Regret Is No Joke

Fountain splash – LN

“That’s two minutes of my life I’ll never get back.” Ten seconds, two minutes, an hour, a day. We’ve all had the experience of feeling like 1) we wasted our time through our own fault or 2) we let someone else waste our time. I had my teeth cleaned the other day, and the hygienist […]

“I Love That Title!”

Limon Train Depot

“I love that title,” people say to me when I mention Wonderful Lonesome, the title of my new book. This is the start of a set of books called Amish Turns of Time. All three books are set in the 1910s, but each book is in a different setting with a different cast of characters. […]

Life: Rich and True

Life: Rich and True

A friend of mine died about a month ago. Sadly, it was not a surprise. He’d been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 21 months earlier. He was doing fairly well, considering. He worked for much of the time—when his treatments were not making him too ill to function—and enjoyed his family, including three small grandchildren who […]

I’m Having Twins!


September 1 is a double release day! I’m excited about Wonderful Lonesome, the first in a set of three Amish historicals. And for icing on the birthday cake, this may be my favorite book cover yet. A hundred years ago, there was an Amish settlement on the eastern Colorado plain, about an hour and a […]

Free! The Pursuit of Lucy Banning

Free! The Pursuit of Lucy Banning

The Pursuit of Lucy Banning, the first in the Avenue of Dreams series, is free in ebook formats for a few weeks. If you haven’t read the series yet, here’s your chance. Happy reading! Kindle Nook CBD

Summer Report

Larry – San Fran bridge

How’s your summer? Mine is busy. Sometimes I feel like this photo—living in a fog where I can’t see the next step ahead. But I’m also looking forward to the fog lifting and seeing what surprises are on the other side of the bridge. In the spirit of a summer break, I’m taking a few […]

Lessons from Word


If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a Word document that originated with someone else, you know that sometimes the formatting can be wonky. Because of the nature of a project I’m part of, this has been happening to me quite a bit lately. Extra line spaces appear and will not go away […]