Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

Photo by Larry Mohr

Mom nudged the dog off her lap and stood up. It was that time every evening when she would leave the living room and go get comfortable in the bedroom with a book, a lifelong habit. She said,

“I have to go read about Amish people.”

In other words, she was reading the draft of my latest complete manuscript. (Accidentally Amish, the first in a series, will release toward the end of 2012 from Barbour Publishing.)

I love that she still reads. And I love that a discerning reader like my mom would bypass all her other choices because she hears my characters calling.

• When is your favorite time to settle in with a good book?


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  1. MerceyV on the November 18, 2011 remarked #

    I don’t know any other group as devoted as Amish readers! My favourite time to settle with a book is when I know I am guaranteed the quiet to soak it up, but those times come few and far between… :'( Pity. I’ve seriously got about 33 books waiting for me, so I’m just gonna have to get right down to it regardless, and trust my brain to soak up the rest. Do you suppose if he were still alive, Albert Einstein would alter his famous phrase to “Never commit to memory anything you can read in a blog”?

    In any case, can I come hang out with your Mom? A woman who devotes her evening to a book and succeeds deserves applause 🙂 And wow, she looks like you! (or vice versa?)

    • Olivia Newport on the November 19, 2011 remarked #

      Mercey, yes, we look alike. I’ve even fooled my brothers on the phone when they thought they were talking to her. But she is such a dang good mother of the lovely to be with variety. In my objective opinion.

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