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We Are Not Alone

Photo by Lorri Nussbaum

Being a creature of habit, I often walk the same route around my neighborhood. (This picture is not my neighborhood, but wouldn’t it be nice if it were!) I smile hello to the occasional dog walker or stroller pusher. On a nice summer evening, a couple of little girls on their bikes like to shag […]

Mama Says #5

Olivia Newport Mom and Tag

While visiting my mom, I was heading to the grocery store for a few things. Mom opted to stay home. But before I left she waved a couple of twenty dollar bills in front of me. I said she could hang onto her cash, and she said, “I have more of these. I have a […]

Meet Lucy Banning

The Pursuit of Lucy Banning by Olivia Newport

I’m thrilled with the cover of my first novel! Lucy Banning was born on October 8, 1871 in Chicago. Does the date ring a bell? Mrs. O’Leary’s cow usually gets the blame for the Great Fire of Chicago, though it’s unlikely the poor cow had anything to do with it. Put too many wooden structures […]