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Mama Says #14

Olivia Newport Mom and Tag

From my home in Colorado I talk to my mom in Florida by phone every Sunday afternoon. It’s a lazy time talking about a lot of nothing in no particular hurry, a sort of unspoken competition about who has the duller life. It’s mostly a way of feeling the contentment of being together across the […]

The Great Platte River Road

Olivia Newport vintage wagon wheel

Fifteen years of curiosity came to a head at Thanksgiving. Fifteen years ago, my family moved from Illinois to Colorado. Since the extended family hub is still near Chicago, we’ve trekked back and forth too many times to count. My kids started asking for their favorite truck stops. Seriously. Have you seen the Iowa 80 […]

The Corner Trumpet Installment 4

  Seven By the time Bill got back to Front Street, the hazy sky had deteriorated into a downright gloomy vision. Thunderstorms were on the way, no question about it. Southern storms were a sight to behold. In Colorado, storms would roll in and push out in a matter of minutes. In the summer, they […]

We Forget How to Fall

Olivia Newport ducks on water

On crystal blue-sky days when the temps are spectator-friendly, I enjoy a visual treat on a lunchtime walk around a pond. (It’s small. I circle twice.) Ducks and toddlers are an irresistible mix. Throw in a few arrogant geese who may be taller than said toddlers and it really gets fun. Little boys in blue […]