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How Many Words Make a Picture?

Olivia Newport Lorri's grandcaughter

My friend Lorri ( takes incredible pictures. Often I use them on my blog. My dilemma is that she has so many enticing photos that don’t quite match up with the splats in my brain. I think, “But I want to use that photo!” They often seem to tell a story. Or maybe I think […]

Mama Says #18

Olivia Newport Mom and Tag

When my mom sits in the living room, it’s always at the same corner of the couch, with an oversized ottoman handy for multiple purposes and an end table to set down her Pepsi or keep her glasses handy. And the dog, of course, is snug against her thigh. One night, she said, “I have […]

Prairie Avenue Comes Alive!

Olivia Newport Glessnser House sign

Today I bring you a guest post from Steve Reginald, the guy who singlehandedly is dragging all of us to the nineteenth century on the Avenue of Dreams. Almost three years ago, I sat in the coach house of the Glessner House Museum, in Chicago, for the first time. I was there to train as […]