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Mama Says #26

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

One Sunday, as I tried to call my mother, she didn’t answer. I dialed again. Still no answer. I text my brother, who shares her home, to make sure they are not out and about somewhere while I’m calling the land line. No response. Finally, my phone rings, and I hear my mother say, “Despite […]

Happy Birthday, Dear Daughter

Cana head shot

Today is my daughter’s birthday! (This is where you clap and cheer.) She’s 22. I admit that as I write, we’re having a bit of a choppy morning. I don’t always swim so well in these waters of parenting young adults. We’ve had some raised voices and tears. But we will sort it out. She […]

How Do You Write So Many Books? and other FAQs

Olivia Newport question mark

Characters stomp around in my head long before they hit the printing press. I have two series in the works, Avenue of Dreams and Valley of Choice. Now that release dates are getting close, I’m getting more questions from people I’ve known a long time and new people I meet. Here are a few quick […]

Mama Says #25

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

When I visited my mother in Florida last summer, she threatened to move the recycling bin right next to the mailbox. Then she would let the mail carrier know to just put the delivery directly in the bin. More recently, my brother who shares her home told me that she said, “I wish I had […]

Antique Clocks and Dressers–With a Story

Olivia Newport antique piano

Why do people collect antiques? I know people whose homes are full of beautiful pieces of furniture that reach back through the decades. If they don’t reach back far enough, or if they are avocado green or mustard yellow, we just call them “retro,” which is a polite word for the early decades of my […]

How a Writer Buys a Purse

03-19-12 purse

Step 1: Admit you need one. I have resisted this for, oh, 40 years. I find purses a great nuisance. Historically I’ve aimed for the smallest purse possible, just for essentials. But I’m slowly turning into a bag lady. A small notebook lets me jot down random thoughts that may have value in the future. […]

Mama Says #24

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

I don’t even know the context of this comment. My brother, who shares a home with my mother, is on alert for the quippy things she says. (Yes, I know quippy is not a dictionary kind of word, but I’m not writing a dictionary.) Fulfilling his duties, he sent me a text message that reported […]

Who Do You Think You Are?

Olivia Newport Who Do You Think You Are?

“Who do you think you are?” Do you hear the tone in that question? It’s a little scoldy. Like, “Do you really think you’re someone who deserves that privilege?” Like, “Who are you to think you can step out of your place?” (Or who do you think you are that you can sleep in my […]

5 Reasons to Go to the All-Church Family Movie Night

Olivia Newport happy kids

Let me start with the reasons I marshaled for not going to the all-church Family Movie Night. 1. My kids are grown and wouldn’t be interested. Anyway, my family hasn’t been able to agree on a movie for at least ten years. 2. I have a Lot. Of. Work. A quiet Friday night could yield […]

Mama Says #23

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

My mother still listens to my troubles. She doesn’t complain all that much about her own. I might grouse about coming up with money for a crown after a trip to the dentist. (If it’s not me, it’s my husband. Every. Dang. Year.) Or maybe I feel like something’s not right with one of my […]