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Good Friday Gone in the Night

moon through the trees

This piece first ran a few months ago, but because it is a story about Good Friday, I offer it again on this day when we remember the suffering and death of Jesus.   I took a seat in the sanctuary. Somber Good Friday organ music underlay the meditations of worshipers. Chit-chatting had been left […]

Old Time Storytime

Olivia Newport old pipe and baby shoes

Here are some more old items from around my house courtesy of my husband’s family. What stories spring to your mind? When my daughter was little, I used to regale her with a continuing saga every night. I suppose many writers do this with their kids. Ordinary items in her bedroom became plot complications before […]

How to Care About Everybody and Everything

Olivia Newport homeless man with sign

Three cars back from the intersection in the left turn lane, I was trapped by the red light. On the median next to me, a young man looked as if he’d had the fright of his life. And perhaps he had. His sign said, “Need prayer. Single dad about to lose apt. Anything will help.” […]