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Lesson Learned: Getting Smug Is Dangerous

Olivia Newport hotel room

I’m writing from a hotel in Houston, where I did not intend to be. After being in a hotel in Memphis all week, I looked forward to my own bed on Friday night. But 34-minute connection in Houston made me nervous. When a late afternoon meeting fell apart, I high-tailed it to the airport, where […]

Mama Says #42

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

The older I get, the more easily I’ll just stop reading a book I’m not enjoying. Life is too short, and too many books are on the list. I’m not sure why my mom doesn’t do that, considering how much older she is than I am. But she expresses her displeasure in other ways. Recently […]

Richard Mabry on: Three Writing Challenges That No Longer Scare Me

07-25-12 Mabry StressTest

We continue a summer series of guest posts by a variety of authors on writing challenges. Welcome Richard Mabry. I freely confess that I’m afraid of some things. For instance, although I served for three years in the Air Force, flew (as a passenger) countless hours, and participated in a helicopter rescue of a critically […]

Tracing Family Genealogy One Baby at a Time

Olivia Newport great-nieces

The beaming woman in this picture is my sister. And what’s not to beam about? She is holding Eloise, her first grandchild, and Elsa, the second grandchild of our eldest brother. These two beauties were born about three weeks apart last summer. A few weeks later came Ella, the granddaughter of another brother. I got […]

Mama Says #41

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

I remember the four-year-old girl in children’s church in 1984 who was not following instructions or behaving in a remotely socially appropriate way. When I asked her to do something I thought might help her settle down, she glared at me and said, “You’re not the boss of me.” Ahem. Let’s just see about that! […]

Cynthia Ruchti on: Three Writing Challenges That No Longer Scare Me

Olivia Newport cover of Cedar Creek Seasons by Cynthia Ruchti

This post continues a summer series of guest posts by a variety of authors. Welcome Cynthia Ruchti. I’m not fond of snakes. What’s that fancy word that means grossly under-exaggerated? I’m not fond of them, but I do have a new perspective. Some of them eat mice and I’m way not fond of mice. Most […]

How High Is Your Joy?

Olivia Newport Girl jumping out of flower

It’s been a long time since I jumped. Years. Decades. This is because of my cranky feet, which I’ve written about before. Even though he couldn’t find anything wrong, one orthopedist told me that based on my description of the pain and what he observed in my movements, it was as if I was walking […]

Mama Says #40

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

It’s been hot around here. Our temperatures have been matching south Florida. Humidity is about 90 percent lower than Florida, but it’s still hot. Mom has some advice about how to bring down the temperatures where you live. I figure it’s good advice for wherever you are if it’s hot. “Take a vacation to a […]

Erin MacPherson on: Three Writing Challenges That No Longer Scare Me

07-11-12 Macpherson christianmamasguidebookcoverimage

Today begins a summer Wednesday series from writers I’ve had the privilege of meeting in cyberland. Nine writers will tell us what no longer scares them (but must have at one time). Welcome Erin McPherson, author of The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby. She has several more books in the works. When I […]

A Miserable Beginning to a Happy End

Olivia Newport Parents' Wedding Picture

Today would have been 63 years. Technically my parents were married 55 years. By the time they reached 50, my dad’s early dementia was clear to all of us, and Mom had some serious vow-keeping to live into over the next few years. Grace released Dad to wholeness in 2005. Grief is no piece of […]