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Mama Says #39

Mama did not say anything this week. She just went a little wild. Here’s a little video my brother made.    

How to Have a Great Mother-Daughter Road Trip

Olivia Newport Nebraska road trip

Recently one of my best friends took a road trip with her dear daughter to the college lucky enough to recruit this brilliant girl. It was a quick trip there and back in a couple of days, about an eight-hour drive in each direction. They took The Pursuit of Lucy Banning along, and I started […]

Waiting for the Crash

Olivia Newport NASCAR

I’m the first to admit I do not understand NASCAR racing. The pits look exciting—how fast the crew does its magic and gets the driver back on the track. But going around a circle endlessly on a Sunday afternoon? I guess I’m a destination driver. The creeping cautions? All the flag business? The points? The […]