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Mama Says #47

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

My brother, who shares a home with our mother, is a photographer and videographer. Recently Mom was with him while he was setting up to do a video recording of an event that paid tribute to a group of individuals who had served in the military during World War II. We chatted on the phone […]

Latayne Scott on Three Writing Challenges That No Longer Scare Me

Olivia Newport - Latayne Scott The Mormon MIrage

When my first book was published by Zondervan, I was 27 years old. I didn’t really understand how phenomenally God had worked in my life. I had only magazine credits and had been out of Mormonism for about three years when another author recommended to an editor that he consider a proposal from me. That […]

Getting Ready for Back to School

Olivia Newport Back to School supplies

Back to school! Actually, back-to-school season does not affect me much. My college daughter who teaches preschool full time and lives at home tells me her class schedule and then gives me a dirty look when I ask her again what it will be three days later. I ask her to write it down. Her […]

Mama Says #46

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

I was 16 and learning to drive. This was the era—all of my childhood, really—when my dad rode a commuter train from our Chicago suburb to downtown Chicago. It was a rare thing for him to leave a car at the train station—we didn’t have an extra car to sit idle all day. Someone dropped […]

Sue Harrison on Three Writing Challenges That No Longer Scare Me


We continue a summer series of guest posts from a variety of authors. Welcome Sus Harrison.  As a first grader, I decided I was brave enough to tackle the biggest slide on the school playground. The line of kids for that slide was always long, so I gathered my courage and climbed the formidable ladder […]

Olympics Withdrawal, Anyone?

Olivia Newport compassion poster

The games have been over for a whole day as I write, and at least a week by the time you read. Already athletes are talking about Rio. I perk up slightly at the idea of Olympics in Rio because of family connections to the city, and I’m sure I’ll watch my share of races […]

Mama Says #45

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

Remember the days when bosses dictated and secretaries typed? When  I was 16 and registering for the coming fall high school classes, all college prep, my mother suggested I should learn to type. Well, not to be disrepectful to her, a secretary, but I said I wasn’t going to be a secretary. So why should […]

Nicole Miller on Three Writing Challenges That No Longer Scare Me

Olivia Newport - photo of Nicole Miller

We continue a summer series of hearing from guest writers. Welcome Nicole Miller. It has never been the writing that scares me. It’s those other writers. Scary folk, those big-and-distinguished, published authors. I grew up devouring all sorts of Christian fiction—especially historical fiction. One day, I rallied my courage to write to the author of […]

5 Things I Just Have to Accept

Olivia Newport garden Pagoda

1. My family does not like to eat outside. I could buy exquisite patio furniture and arrange it like a pro. I could buy the most impressive grill in the box store and put it all under a lovely canopy. But they grumble about eating out there. It’s too hot. It’s too windy. It’s a […]

Mama Says #44

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

Are you waiting around for something great to happen in your life? Are you thinking that once you achieve XYZ event, then your life will be on track? I suppose I was doing that once Sunday when I talked with my mom. Her advice? You can’t live life in advance. How true. Don’t miss the […]