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What I Love About My Son

My son rolls his eyes because I want a picture before he shaves that great beard.

Of course I love many things about my son! Okay, sometimes he makes me a little crazy, but he has brought great joy to my life. And I’ve learned a few things from him. (Nope. I’m not going to tell you all the lacrosse trivia I’ve learned.) My son once took a form of the […]

Talking with Suzanne Woods Fisher

Olivia Newport - Suzanne Woods Fisher photo

Heads up! On Thursday, November 29, I will be the guest of Suzanne Woods Fisher on her live internet radio program, Amish Wisdom. I’d love to have you listening in between 4:00 and 4:30 Central Time as we talk about my book, Accidentally Amish. Catch us at  

Thank God for Imagination

Olivia Newport great blue heron

How many colors do you see in this photograph? Give thanks for God’s imagination, which we experience every time we see and taste and touch and hear and smell the world around us. Let your imagination meet God’s in creativity and worship. Give thanks with a grateful heart.  

Did Thanksgiving Sneak Up on You?

Olivia Newport pumpkin pie

Did Thanksgiving sneak up on you? It sure did come fast for me. I had another trip earlier in November, and I focused on that. When I got home, suddenly Thanksgiving was six days away. And I’ll hit the road again, this time for a long drive between Colorado and Illinois, where various fragments of […]

What Happens to Unpublished Manuscripts?

Olivia Newport closet door

Close to 20 years ago I wrote a book. In those days, you could send a manuscript to an editor at most publishing houses, so I chose one and submitted. I got a very kind non-form letter with an actual name and signature, but it was a rejection. Even then I knew that the news […]

How to Come Out the Winner

Olivia Newport biggest loser

What do you do when you can’t win for losing? We’ve all had those experiences. No matter what we do, we get slammed. When my son was three and a half we could no longer ignore that he was not developing normally, particularly the way his language was forming. He knew a lot of words, […]

Reviews of Accidentally Amish

Accidentally Amish cover-1

Wondering about Accidentally Amish? Did you like The Pursuit of Lucy Banning, but you’re not sure if Amish fiction is your cup of tea? Here’s a quick round-up of what some blogging readers are saying. They’ve been surprised at Amish with a new twist. If you’re interested in reading […]

Do Family Vacations Create Memories?

Olivia Newport kids at canyon

My kids don’t look like this. Not any more. Not for a long time. They grew up. I know! How did that happen? We haven’t taken a family vacation in quite a few years actually. Recently, I got to talking with my daughter, 22, about what she remembered about a major trip we took, pulling […]