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Withness and Waiting

Olivia Newport 2 Advent candles

Are you a mall rat? I’m not. Sooo not. A writer friend and I often sit across from each other on Saturday mornings at a local coffee shop. We talk some, but not a lot. We write. A few weeks ago she said she was not going to make it on Saturday because she had […]

What do Annie Friesen and Charlotte Farrow Have in Common?

Charlotte Farrow

Charlotte Farrow in 1893 Chicago. Annie Friesen in 2012 Colorado Springs. That’s a thousand miles stretched across almost 120 years. So what on earth could they have in common? Except for the fact that they both stomped their ways through my brain and into a book. Here’s the rest of the list. 1. They both […]

Why Advent?

Olivia Newport Advent candle

Twenty-five years ago, my son was born on the first Sunday of Advent. Five days late, mind you. (I¬†certainly minded.) As my due date came and went, and Advent approached, waiting took on a whole new meaning. Thinking that any minute now my son would come squalling into my arms gave me a existential perspective […]