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The Envelope, Please

stack of books on red

On the evening of the first Monday of every month, you will find me with some of the most stupendous people I could ever hope to meet. Book group! And we actually read the books. Granted, not everybody reads every book. Life happens. But we’re not one of those groups that calls themselves a book […]

Installment 4: The Corner Trumpet

Seven By the time Bill got back to Front Street, the hazy sky had deteriorated into a downright gloomy vision. Thunderstorms were on the way, no question about it. Southern storms were a sight to behold. In Colorado, storms would roll in and push out in a matter of minutes. In the summer, they were […]

What’s the Oldest Photo You’ve Seen?


Photographs transport me. They just do. Even a photograph of myself at a (much) younger age takes me back and I remember details I haven’t thought of in years. Decades, even. The way the metal cover on the radiator in our dining room warmed me as I sprawled on it while waiting my morning turn […]