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In Morning’s Light

My brother with four of his grandchildren a few weeks ago.

This is not the post I planned to write when I sketched out blog ideas recently. I intended to write about my heart’s connection to Holy Week, which begins this Palm Sunday morning. I was going to invite you to take my hand and step into the drama of Christ’s sacrifice with me, our spirits […]

5 Starting Points for a Writer’s Research

Olivia Newport historic stove

“Did you have to do a lot of research?” When I have opportunity to do an author interview, this is a common question. It arises because my Avenue of Dreams series is historical and my Valley of Choice series has an historical thread that intertwines the contemporary story. Readers I speak with in person are […]

How to Stop Sneezing from Taking Over Your Life

Olivia Newport sneezing photo

Spring allergies are smacking me in the face right now. Hard. Relentless. Merciless. I would take a deep breath if it were physically possible. Sometimes the most mundane things can knock you off your feet, literally and figuratively. Cough, sneeze, blow, sigh. So I’ve pulled out medications that I don’t need over the winter, and […]

Installment 15 (Final): The Corner Trumpet

Twenty-nine August 1952 I had pretty much decided that I hated the heat in Arkansas in August. I was nineteen and had lived every August of my life in that that heat, but I’d read enough to know that it wasn’t like that everywhere, and I dreamed of someday living some place that didn’t feel […]

Should Have, Could Have, Would Have

Olivia Newport In Plain View

I have good reason to be excited. I’m reading the final galley for In Plain View, which is due out in June. (This is a sequel to Accidentally Amish in the Valley of Choice Series.) The galley is the final chance to catch stuff. But it has to be only little stuff. Writers do not […]

What is your favorite electronic gadget?

DVR in box

This is a once-upon-a-time story. Once upon a time, I owned a VCR. The decision to spend the money to buy our first such machine was no small event. Everybody we knew had one already. We’re not what you call early adopters either temperamentally or financially. But we got one and enjoyed the marvels of […]

Installment 14 The Corner Trumpet

Twenty-Seven March 1943   Daddy went to see the preacher and the funeral director the next day and they decided to have the funeral on Tuesday morning. The Navy said Charlie could have a full military funeral, but Mama just wanted a graveside service with the family all there and Charlie’s friends from school if […]

Installment 13: The Corner Trumpet

Twenty-Five March 1943 One day in the middle of March, Mr. Spooner was too busy to give me a lesson. Besides, he kept saying that I’d been such a fast learner that he didn’t have much more to teach me. I didn’t believe that. Anyway, since it was early and Daddy wasn’t finished at the […]

A Visual Portrait of the Avenue of Dreams


This post is going to be short and to the point. The Avenue of Dreams series has been in the works since 2009, when I drafted all three stories. And moment has come (cue music) that all three fabulous book covers are available for viewing. So here they are. The Pursuit of Lucy Banning and […]

Visiting Family Roots

Olivia Newport Colorado National Monument

A few days ago was my grandfather’s birthday. He would have been 124. He died 34 years shy of that mark, which means he still lived to a ripe old age. My mother grew up in Arkansas, and her family had been in Arkansas for at least a couple of generations before her. But her […]