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At the Corner of Comfort and Easy Streets

Olivia Newport Comfort and Easy Street Signs

I’m visiting at my sister’s for a couple of weeks. It’s a thousand miles from where I live on more than one level. The agenda for the trip is to help with the complex task of settling my mother into a new living situation. Until now, she has lived independently or in her own home […]

Booksigning Questions

Olivia Newport The Pursuit of Lucy Banning

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spread my wares at a library event in a town about two hours from where I live. I don’t have a lot of experience at library events as an author, but I am a big fan of public libraries. Some of my fondest childhood memories happened in the […]

The Story Within the Story

Olivia Newport Statue of Christ

I like to tell stories and often do in this spot on my blog—filed under “Lens on Life.” Small moments, routine events, a few words of conversation from the everyday can lift us from the ordinary to a surpassing wonder about this beautiful thing we call life. By putting the lens on life, my life […]

To Series or Not to Series

Olivia Newport The Dilemma of Charlotte Farrow cover

Do you read past book 1? In the last year, I’ve had the privilege of rolling out the start of two different series, Avenue of Dreams and Valley of Choice. Ten months from now, both series will be complete. Out there. Out of my hands. Up to the readers to judge. The two series don’t […]

Can You Trust the Signs?

Olivia Newport Confused Face photo

Recently an urgent, stressful family situation snatched me out of town abruptly and bumped me through several states. That trip backed right up against a planned business trip. I ended up being away from home for three straight weeks. Believe me, I was ready to go home. I was in a rental car following signs […]

New Trailer for In Plain View

Olivia Newport In Plain View

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the trailer for In Plain View, the second in my Valley of Choice series. The new book comes out in June and is available for pre-order on various sites. A huge thank-you to so many readers of Accidentally Amish who have told me how much they are […]

A Christmas Carol for Eastertide

Easter loss

On the Monday after Easter, mothers wonder what they will do with all those dyed hardboiled eggs. Grandma, who gave the kids piles of chocolate, has gone home. And in many churches, pastors are relieved to have the extra work of Holy Week behind them and turn their attention to what their next sermon series […]