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Book Table

5 covers

If you click here, you’ll go to my new Book Table on the website. (Or if you’re on right now, look for the Book Table tab on the right hand side of the blog). You’ll find all my books listed here, including two that are yet to come but are available for pre-order at […]

And Yet Life Goes On

Olivia Newport fire danger

It’s only the last week of June and already summer last left its mark. I want to feel the sun drench my face while I swing in my hammock. But I also want soft steady rain to drench the thirst of the land and, God have mercy, put out the fires ravaging my state. These […]

Fire. Again.

Olivia Newport Pikes Peak

Fire. I live in Colorado Springs. It’s a gorgeous setting and every day the view outside my door of the Front Range of the Rockies leaves me breathless. If you’ve kept up with recent news anywhere in the U.S. you’ve no doubt heard that a major fire broke out last week in an area called […]

“It’s All Your Fault.”

Olivia Newport In Plain View

Two people at church last Sunday marched up to me after worship and said, “It’s all your fault.” Separately. My goodness. My typical response is to grimace and say, “I know. Everything is usually my fault.” What did I do this time? “I stayed up until 1:00 in the morning reading your new book. I […]

5 Tips for Living an Impaired Life

Olivia Newport broken egg

Ack. I just had new author photos taken. I haven’t seen them yet even in the raw, but I am putting a lot of faith in the photographer’s Photoshop skills for the final product. When they’re ready, I’ll have to let you see at least one of them. After all, that was the point. (And […]

5 Reasons to Plant Flowers


Most years I have a love-hate relationship with my yard. A couple of weeks ago a friend dropped by my house to pick up something. We stood in my front yard chatting. She noticed some things that were growing well, and I countered by pointing out one flower bed that was empty—despite the fact that […]