5 coversIf you click here, you’ll go to my new Book Table on the website. (Or if you’re on www.olivianewport.com right now, look for the Book Table tab on the right hand side of the blog).

You’ll find all my books listed here, including two that are yet to come but are available for pre-order at some online retailing sites. (When these two books release in September and February, my first two series will be complete.)

For each book you’ll find a blurb, info on what series it’s a part of, and easy “buy now” buttons that will take you straight to the links for my books with online retailers. These buttons will also clue you in to which bookstore chains are carrying the book in the event that you preferĀ  to mosey over to a brick-and-mortar store to purchase.

As new books reach the pre-order stage, I’ll list them here. Let me know if this is a helpful way to keep you informed!

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  1. Lauri Jaffe on the July 28, 2013 remarked #

    Just want to say I loved The Pursuit of Lucy Banning (wanted more when I was done!) and was so glad to start (finished in 1 day) Dilemma of Charlotte Farrow- again waiting for more chapters on her life post book! Your writing is wonderful -the historic references and blending into the fictional families is amazing and so very authentic. Give us more of Lucy and Charlotte, and I will definitely buy the Sarah Cummings book when it comes out. Thanks for great reading and reminding me how interesting Chicago history in that area in particular is!

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