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My Summer Daze


The little sticky I use to mark the current page in the old-school written calendar that keeps me organized is about two weeks behind. Somehow I can’t bring myself to move it because it will mean that summer is getting away from me. Lately when I look up at the top of my computer and […]

Life is Beautiful

Orange sunflower

I’m sitting on a wide, glassed-in porch that circles much of the public library a half a mile from my home. Ostensibly the purpose of my presence here is to take me away from the distractions at home so I can focus on a story proposal. But the loveliness is a distraction of its own. […]

Monday Morning Turbulence

Olivia Newport water exercise

Every Monday at 8:30 in the morning I show up for torture. Some of you know what I’m talking about. Those classes at the gym where the instructors actually expect you to put yourself into your workout. My torture of choice these days is water aerobics. Some people think it is old people exercise, and […]

How Long Does It Take You to Write a Book?

Olivia Newport typewriter

When I started writing novels, I thought the question I needed to be ready to answer was, “What is your book about?” I learned by experience that even when an interested person asks that question, I have about 30 seconds to answer. So I’ve gotten better about developing succinct responses that are fair both to […]

Savor the Ordinary

Olivia Newport - Jordan Martins collage

Nothing much happened in my life last week. Most of us don’t sit around hoping for bad stuff to strike. But we do sort of hope good stuff will happen. Exciting stuff. Hilarious stuff. Impressive stuff. Facebook- and Twitter-worthy stuff. I like those mountaintop moments as much as anyone. But if I get from Monday […]