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Meet Brad Townsend (Sort Of)


Form your own opinion about Bradley Townsend from THE INVENTION OF SARAH CUMMINGS releasing September 15. “Mind your own business, Kenny.” A card unfolded in Sarah’s hands, and a small pin slipped into her palm. Still she scowled. “What’s the matter?” Kenny asked. “He’s not coming,” Sarah muttered. “Who is not coming?” “Oh, never mind, […]

Can You Take a Dare?


I have a friend who shares a lot of books with me. I read plenty, but I would be the first to admit that I don’t keep up with all the newest releases or scour Publishers Weekly to find out what the critics think. I’m more of a late adopter. So it works out well for me […]

Meet Simon Tewell


Here’s an excerpt from THE INVENTION OF SARAH CUMMINGS, which releases September 15. Enjoy! She came back. Simon hoped he sufficiently concealed his relief when he looked up to see Sarah Cummings standing in his doorframe for the second Friday in a row. “I’m glad to see you again, Sarah.” He stood and nervously jingled […]

Confessions of a Mac Lover

Olivia Newport Macs

First, in the interest of full disclosure, let me confess I am a Mac aficionado. In the mid- to late 80s, I was on a break from working in an office. I worked in a retail setting, began to think seriously about writing, and had a couple of kids. In 1992, I reentered the corporate […]

The Opening Pages of The Invention of Sarah Cummings


The hat crooked its finger at Sarah Cummings. The gesture was sophisticated. Seductive. Irresistible. Sarah pushed open the shop’s door for a better look from the inside of the display window. Under a flood of sunlight, the gold bead trim adorning a narrow crimson brim doubled as a prism, sending hues to chase and dance […]

Occipital What?

Olivia Newport grinding headache

“You’ve had a headache for a month?” I’ve heard that a lot lately. I’m stubborn. I know it. Headaches are a long-time companion, actually. Usually a headache signals one of these things: • not enough fluids • not enough protein • not enough exercise • not enough sleep Like distinguishing the cries of a baby, […]

A Record Flat Tire Week

Olivia Newport 4 cars

What’s your record for how many flat tires you’ve had in a week? Here’s how things have been at my house. On the car my son drives, one tire went flat a couple of times sitting in the driveway. So he finally went to the tire store and cashed in on a free patch. Now […]