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Sandwich Living

Olivia Newport daughter photo

I feel like a slice of deli meat these days, my emotions trapped between the generations on either side of me in the midst of their transitions. Last week I visited with my mother, who lives in another state. Some of you enjoyed her quips as I recorded them on the Mama Says page of […]

On the Road

Olivia Newport Avenue of Dreams covers

Feels like forever since I posted! Since the last post: • My website was attacked by cyber terrorists. • The fine folks at fought my battle for me, then moved my site to a new server. • I drove from Colorado to Illinois to visit my sister and mother. • I visited the Glessner […]

Today, September 3 Only

Olivia Newport The Pursuit of Lucy Banning

Just a quick note to let you know that in anticipation of the official release of The Invention of Sarah Cummings in a couple of weeks, the publisher is offering the first book in the Avenue of Dreams series free in e-book formats TODAY ONLY. You can get it for Nook here. CBD has it […]