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Finding Peace in Thanksgiving

Olivia Newport Thanksgiving

If all goes according to plan, on the day after tomorrow I will get on a plane with my daughter and fly from Colorado to Chicago, where we will spend Thanksgiving with a boatload of four generations we are related to. For a long time now this has been the primary extended family gathering. And […]

7:00 Is Not Bedtime

700 cloock

A couple of days ago, at 6:50 p.m., I said to my young adult son, “I’m going out for a haircut.” “It’s almost 7:00,” he said. “I know,” I answered. “I have a 7:00 appointment.” “But it’s almost your bedtime.” I took offense. I promise you, I do not go to bed at 7:00. How […]

I Don’t Get Out Much

Olivia Newport space photo

It’s been four weeks since I put gas in my car, and in that time I have driven 118 miles. Apparently my bubble contains my movements to a three-mile radius of my home. Target. Church. Gym. Yeah, that’s about it. If I go to the library, I walk because it’s that’s close. I have been […]

“Have a Nice Week.”

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“Have a nice week.” That’s my mother’s regular sign-off to our regular telephone conversations. For many years it made perfect sense. I tended to call her on Sunday afternoons and we’d shoot the breeze until neither of us could think of anything else to say. Most of it was not important, anyway. For most of […]