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Where It All Started

Olivia Newport childhood library

I guess I’m feeling sentimental today. No deep thoughts. No efforts at advice. Just warm fuzzies. Maybe it’s because this is Thanksgiving week, and I’m thinking about things I’m thankful for. The building in this photo is one of those things. This was the pubic library of my childhood. My church also had an awesome […]

How to Take the “Over” Out of Overwhelmed

Olivia Newport seascape

I just flipped through a magazine that is more than 200 pages long and purports to help me simplify the holidays and still celebrate with style. Lots of pretty pictures! Probably not anything I would actually do. Maybe I’m even lazier than “simple.” Or maybe I know my limits. Last week I never got around […]

How to Shock Your Son


My son generously loaned me his new camera for a recent trip I took to Monterey, California, for a gathering of writers. Basically I didn’t know what I was doing, but I managed to change the lens a couple of times and figured out the rapid-fire shutter button.  When I got home, my son looked […]