Christmas star -LN

Photo by Lorri Nussbaum

How busy are you?

Shopping. Cooking. Wrapping. Christmas cards. Parties. Secret Santas. Ornaments. Crafts. Cleaning. House guests. Travel. Concerts and plays.

Any of this sound familiar?

I do love the heart of Christmas. The music of Christmas. The glory of Christmas. The story of Christmas.

At the same time, I find myself asking: When it comes to Christmas, what do we expect of ourselves–and why?

And what does God expect of us–and why?

No quick answers here. I don’t think the answer necessarily is the same for everyone, so I am not writing about slowing down and doing less.

Instead, I’m writing to challenge myself, and you, to pause in the midst of festivities and breathe in and breathe out a few times. Emmanuel: God with us.

Where is God with you right now? A place of darkness? A place of joy? A place of pain? A place of hope?

What you expect of yourself may not be what God expects of you. Hear his invitation to see and bear the light of the world.

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One Comment

  1. Shirley Chapel on the December 18, 2014 remarked #

    God gave me the opportunity to send a Christmas gift and card with words of encouragement to a missionary in Puerto Rico. Envelopes were placed on a Christmas tree at our church and I took one not knowing who it was or where it was to go. I have already sent my gift and card and hope that God will bless this missionary and his family this Christmas.
    Merry Christmas to you Olivia and your family.

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