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Journey to Holy Week


There was a time when I could not imagine Holy Week without going to church on Good Friday. In those days, though, I didn’t know the term Holy Week, and the churches I attended were likely to have either a Maundy Thursday service or a Good Friday service. Asking people to come to both seemed […]

What She Remembers

Olivia Newport daughter photo

In a few days, my daughter will be a quarter of a century old. She’s my youngest. Hard to believe! It’s a exciting time for her. Recently she got engaged, and a couple of weeks after that started a new job after being a well loved and valued employee at the same place since she […]

Remembering Life

Remembering Life

Today is the second anniversary of my brother’s death. A few months ago I officially passed the point of living longer than he did, but I’m not sure I’ll ever live as fully as he did. The last few years of his life were not easy, but he was determined to live with gusto. He […]

My Friend Wants to Bubblewrap Me


Every year about this time my friend threatens to roll me in Bubblewrap until Easter. It’s for my own good, she says. For the last few years, it seems that as soon as Lent begins, I start hurting myself. It started the year I was hosting a simple weekly bread and soup supper during Lent […]

Let It Snow—Not

Lakein winter  -Larry Mohr

I have a theory—admittedly untested—about people who love snow. The theory is based purely in anecdotal evidence among people I know, whether casually or well. Most people (notice the qualifier) who love snow either a) grew up in a place where significant snowfall was rare, so the novelty makes it fun; or b) ski a […]