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Heads Up: New Books

Brightest and Best cover

This is just a quick post to be sure my new book is on your radar. This is the third in the Amish Turns of Time series. (The others are Wonderful Lonesome and Meek and Mild.) Here’s the skinny: Title: Brightest and Best Release date: August 1, 2015 Back cover: Ella Hilty’s deepest desire is […]

What I Get for Thinking I’m So Smart


I thought I was being so smart. I had multiple books to mail out to contest winners. By Monday evening I had everything packaged up and addressed. But here’s where the smarts come in. I live fairly close to a post office, but it’s always crowded. Seriously. It has such a reputation. A couple of […]

Geography Buzz


My son was an unusual preschooler. He was obsessed with all things geography, particularly a large floor puzzle of the United States that he assembled countless times. He kept a school room size map of the U.S. on one wall of his room and a map of the world on another. When he was six […]