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Amish School–Why?

B&B Historical Twist

Ever wonder why Amish children most often go to their own schools? I had the pleasure of answering this question–and explaining the backdrop to my latest Amish historical, Brightest and Best–over at Destination Amish. (And if you enjoy Amish stories but haven’t heard of Destination Amish, you’ll enjoy the entire site!) Click on through and […]

Something I Forgot to Tell You

 2007 Shannon Kringen, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

I may have forgotten to mention something. First, an exercise in logic. 1. Many fiction series are trilogies. 2. Amish Turns of Times was proposed as three books. 3. Book 3, Brightest and Best, recently released. So you might conclude: therefore, Amish Turns of Time is finished. In fact, I know some of you have […]

Sleepy Stress Syndrome


For reasons that are not important to explain here, I’ve had a stressful couple of weeks. I’ve found myself thinking … well, not exactly straight a few times. You know the feeling. You have things on your mind and you don’t exactly think about what’s right in front of you. Maybe you go through motions. […]

Brightest and Best Released!

B&B Historical Twist

I used to do word search puzzles all the time. Lately not so much. But last week my husband gave me one he found in a book our daughter had given him: Rivers of Brazil. This reflects the fact that my father was from Brazil. (It’s my mother’s line that traces back to early Amish […]