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Living the Duplicate Life

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Sometimes I work at the desk in my office with a separate keyboard so I’m not hunched over my laptop. But sometimes I like to work in the living room, where I have the desk my daughter left behind when she moved out, so I can enjoy the sunshiney view and the bird feeder outside […]

Hidden Falls Has a New Look

HF 1 The Disappearance cover

Some of you may remember the 13-part digital book Hidden Falls, which released about 18 months ago. Small-town warmth, mystery, secrets, characters to root for … I loved writing this downloadable story. I’m delighted that my publisher decided to repackage with terrific new covers and fewer downloads to get the whole story. So the gist […]

Don’t Take Work for Granted

Olivia Newport--The Dilemma of Charlotte Farrow cover

Labor Day, traditionally the end of summer in the U.S., is more importantly remembered as a holiday that pays tribute to the labor movement of the late nineteenth century in celebration of workers’ social and economic contributions. Promoting workers’ rights was risky business in those days. After a series of states celebrated their own Labor Days, […]