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What To Do With an Old Favorite Quilt


Sometimes I don’t like to face reality. So help me out. As you can perhaps discern from the photo here, I have a favorite quilt that has seen better days. For quite some time I have tried to fool myself into thinking I could just patch it and it would be chic. And then the […]

Fresh Starts


Despite what you might think based on the title, this post is not about the new year or any of the familiar January themes. This is about a space I have not often found myself in the last several years. I’m not actively writing. But I’m actively dreaming up stories. In fact, I’m working on […]

2015 in Blitz Form

Olivia Newport paper trees

Here are 10 random reflections on my life in 2015. Shopping for a wedding dress is a day-long committee meeting but only one person has a vote that matters. (But the entire wedding party agrees my daughter will look spectacular as a June bride.) It is not possible to watch The West Wing too many […]