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A Leap-Year Temptation


Does February 29 somehow feel like an extra day? Like a surprise to see it on the calendar? (Probably not for people born on February 29!) It’s all a mathematical glitch, of course. Like when I can’t quite figure out where my math went wrong in my check register. It’s close, but not quite there, […]

Turning 90

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

I’m not turning 90. But my mother is, in just a few days. She’s always been a little proud to share a birthday with Thomas Edison. My dad died when he was 83, and both of my in-laws were gone by their mid-80s as well. So it feels like a big deal to have our […]

Looking for a Valentine’s Read?


Today February begins. I did quite a bit of normal grocery store and Target kind of shopping over the weekend, and everywhere I went were reminders that February means Valentine’s Day. And it dawned on me I should let you know that my newest book, Peace Like a River, revolves around Valentine’s Day and little […]