library signIf you are looking for me on a Saturday afternoon, check the library. I’m there a lot with the purpose of adding words to my latest work-in-progress, which at the moment is a fifth addition to the Amish Turns of Time series.

I’ve written before about libraries in my life. Sometimes unexpected things happen, like this.

My local library, happily located only half a mile from my house, serves the obvious functions of being a place to find books or a peaceful place to work. But these days it is so much more. When I walk in and see a sign like the one in the picture with this post, I see learning happening. I see community happening. I see belonging happening. I see welcome.

And on the way out, I ran into the husband of a friend who was coming in with their son. I had just been thinking about him, because I had some questions about the place where he works. More community connections.

And of course there was also this from the balcony where I was supposed to have my mind in 1847. Does it count if I say that a storm coming over Pikes Peak must have looked just like that in 1847?


How about you? Where do you go to find learning, community and beauty all in one place?

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