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Come Close. But Not That Close.

Olivia Newport photo of baby robins by Lorri Nussbaum

Lately in the mornings, when I come downstairs and push open the living room curtains to greet the day, I realize an instant too late that chickadees or sparrows or wrens or even an occasional grosbeak were breakfasting at the feeder outside the picture window, and my rushed movement scatters them. Nuts. I would have […]

Our Bedraggled Peace

Olivia Newport leaning peace lily

This is my peace lily. It lives just outside my office. I wish I had a better picture. But it’s been blooming for quite some time and it’s about to be finished for this time around, so it looks bedraggled. (True confession: I am also not a very good waterer.) Because this plant lives on […]

Start with Tomorrow

IMG_0916 2

A few years ago I wrote a post about how my mother’s advice about New Year’s resolutions was that, “A year is a very long commitment. I think I’ll just start with tomorrow.” I remind myself of that often when I feel overwhelmed of my own expectations for myself. I received this cheery holiday card […]

A Breather in Between

Olivia Newport cookies and nuts

For years I’ve arranged my schedule to take a break between Christmas and New Year’s. It started when my kids were young and I tried to coordinate time off from my job in an office with their school breaks. Later I ran a full-time free lance business for a few years and I still shut […]

A Story of Pain and Hope


Some of you who have been reading the blog or seen occasional chatter on Facebook are aware that several years ago I began a season of disabling migraine that led to a diagnosis of chronic migraine disease. I wrote about it a couple of times, for instance here. Along the way in the last four […]

Hang On Just a Little Bit Longer


How are you hanging on? You’ve probably heard variations on that question these last few months! I know I have. Whether you’re still hunkering down at home most of the time or have gone back to work, whether you’re ordering groceries or venturing forth into stores, whether you’re sending your kids back to school, getting […]

We Are Not Alone

Olivia Newport COVID masks

Well, it’s a weird time, and we are all trying to make our way. In my day job, I’m a remote employee, so you might think not much has changed under stay-at-home orders. The truth is it’s often hard to concentrate, and I miss the simple structures that gave some framework to my days–getting out […]

Third Cousin Twice Removed


 If you get a Facebook message from a name you don’t recognize, do you take it seriously? Since I’m an author with an author page, I feel some obligation to look at the messages that come through that page! A couple of weeks ago, a young woman wrote to say she was surprised to see […]

I Am Monochromatic (Or Metaphoric)

IMG_1608 2 10.50.00 AM

The other day I got dressed for church (I know. Some Sundays that in itself feels like an accomplishment worth celebrating!) and my mind started wandering as it so easily does. As I was flipping through my closet, I heard a voice from my past. “Your wardrobe is too beige.” The voice belonged to a […]

Just for the Record

Olivia Newport Irises 2018

Just for the record, in my last post, which I realize was…um…er…uh…a while ago, I specifically did not technically resolve to post on my blog more often. I merely said I might. Since then, ongoing shoulder pain only got worse while I was awaiting surgery, I had the surgery, I’ve been rehabbing, I will be […]