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MIA: Still Waiting

Olivia Newport Lake Ice

I’ve been missing in action. I admit it. But I haven’t been AWOL because of a conscious decision to desert my own blog. I’m not trying to neglect my duty. I’m a creature of habit and generally stay on top of things. We all have seasons where the unpredictable becomes reality. Often these same seasons […]

Enter the Panic Zone


It happens every year. About February, when we get a warm spell that you might not associate with February in Colorado (but which happens every year) I see the first signs of the rash of larkspur that brings glory to my yard in summer. Then it turns cold, we get a spring blizzard, and I […]

I Love the Library!


If you are looking for me on a Saturday afternoon, check the library. I’m there a lot with the purpose of adding words to my latest work-in-progress, which at the moment is a fifth addition to the Amish Turns of Time series. I’ve written before about libraries in my life. Sometimes unexpected things happen, like […]

Chasing the Joy

No Time for Trouble cover

I sometimes use the tagline, “Twisting through time, chasing the joy.” It’s summer, and I’ve had plenty of joy to chase. My daughter got married. It was a stunning day.  My flowers have been awesome. I live in a bee-yoo-tiful place. I see lots of butterflies in my yard, but I don’t often catch a […]

Kindness: Pass It On


I’m a writer with ruts. One of those ruts is that I often go to the public library on Saturday afternoons to find myself a nice spot that looks out the bank of windows on a panoramic view of the Front Range of the Rockies. A recent Saturday was an ordinary Saturday, and I was […]

Evidence of Things Unseen


“I didn’t think we had termites in Colorado.” If I had a dollar for every person I know who thinks that … well, I could have used the cash to pay the termite guys. We definitely have termites in Colorado. More specifically, in my neighborhood, er, in my house. “Out of sight, out of mind.” […]

What Do You Do?

Olivia Newport greeting card art

When people ask me what I “do,” I have to resist the urge to make the kind of joke my mother would make. She would wave her hands in the air and say, “I do this,” followed by sliding her feet and saying, “then sometimes I do this.” Mom cracks people up because she goes […]

A Leap-Year Temptation


Does February 29 somehow feel like an extra day? Like a surprise to see it on the calendar? (Probably not for people born on February 29!) It’s all a mathematical glitch, of course. Like when I can’t quite figure out where my math went wrong in my check register. It’s close, but not quite there, […]

2015 in Blitz Form

Olivia Newport paper trees

Here are 10 random reflections on my life in 2015. Shopping for a wedding dress is a day-long committee meeting but only one person has a vote that matters. (But the entire wedding party agrees my daughter will look spectacular as a June bride.) It is not possible to watch The West Wing too many […]

“The peace of Christ be with your spirit.”

Christmas star -LN

I’ve been playing hooky. I admit it. I never did that when I was in school. Not even for senior ditch day. Not even for a mind-numbing class in college or a boring lecture in grad school. If I could take back all the days I went to class sick, I would. But even that […]