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“The peace of Christ be with your spirit.”

Christmas star -LN

I’ve been playing hooky. I admit it. I never did that when I was in school. Not even for senior ditch day. Not even for a mind-numbing class in college or a boring lecture in grad school. If I could take back all the days I went to class sick, I would. But even that […]

The Midwest in the Girl

Photo @Larry Mohr.

I make no apology for the fact that I go to the library a lot. In fact, its half-mile proximity to my home was an appealing factor for choosing this house nineteen years ago. In addition to the satisfaction of visiting the home of thousands of books, it makes a nice gentle walk in fine […]


© 2014 Serendipity Diamonds, Flickr | CC-BY-ND | via Wylio

I double-booked myself. For an entire day. Actually I had a third option for the morning. Somehow I had enough presence of mind not to plan to be in three places at the same time while not seeing the contradiction of continuing to think I could be in two places. One was an all-day event […]

Living the Duplicate Life

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Sometimes I work at the desk in my office with a separate keyboard so I’m not hunched over my laptop. But sometimes I like to work in the living room, where I have the desk my daughter left behind when she moved out, so I can enjoy the sunshiney view and the bird feeder outside […]

Sleepy Stress Syndrome


For reasons that are not important to explain here, I’ve had a stressful couple of weeks. I’ve found myself thinking … well, not exactly straight a few times. You know the feeling. You have things on your mind and you don’t exactly think about what’s right in front of you. Maybe you go through motions. […]

Lazy Days of Summer

bird group

I’ve been working on a new manuscript this summer that will release in the spring. I haven’t had a go-lie-on-the-beach kind of vacation, but I try to take time to appreciate the beauty of the moments around me. Here are a few I’ve enjoyed, some in my own yard, and some on nearby outings. Whether […]

“I’ve Had a Good Life.”

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“I’ve had a good life.” Would you say that—and mean it? Whatever your age, can you look back and reflect and feel satisfaction, even blessing? Most of us spend a lot of time looking ahead and wanting something more, something different, something other than what life carries at a particular phase. The reason the sentence […]

“Slam the Door on Guilt!”

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My mother has a quirky sense of humor. I live a thousand miles away from the assistant living community where she lives, but most days we have a brief conversation. Of sorts. She still cracks me up. Even as her dementia takes her farther from the people who love her, and whom she loves, she […]

“Be Not Afraid!”

Olivia Newport Lake Ice

She was a little girl in Mexico whose mother left her and her brother in the care of their grandmother. Her mother went to the U.S. What the woman that girl grew into remembers about those years was how unloved she felt by her grandmother, who preferred the girl’s brother and also had her hands […]

What I Get for Thinking I’m So Smart


I thought I was being so smart. I had multiple books to mail out to contest winners. By Monday evening I had everything packaged up and addressed. But here’s where the smarts come in. I live fairly close to a post office, but it’s always crowded. Seriously. It has such a reputation. A couple of […]