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Why I Wanted to Write Historical Amish

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Have you ever wondered what your ancestors were like ten or twelve generations ago? I’m fascinated by those genealogy television shows that trace census and military and property records back and discover amazing details. That’s a bit of what happened to me. I discovered a family line that traced back to some of the earliest […]

Me, Amish?

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My novel Accidentally Amish was partially inspired by a link in my own family history to some of the earliest Amish settlers. I only discovered this a few years ago. In my story, Annie Friesen discovers her own link to history that intersects with someone she never expected to meet. And it’s a story I […]

Reviews of Accidentally Amish

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Wondering about Accidentally Amish? Did you like The Pursuit of Lucy Banning, but you’re not sure if Amish fiction is your cup of tea? Here’s a quick round-up of what some blogging readers are saying. They’ve been surprised at Amish with a new twist. http://relzreviewz.com/accidentally-amish-by-olivia-newport/#more http://www.christianmamasguide.com/2012/10/22/this-is-the-day-that-i-start-being-a-little-bit-amish/ http://reviewsfromtheheart.blogspot.com/2012/10/accidentally-amish.html http://whoopiepieplace.com/?p=365 http://bestreads-kav.blogspot.com/2012/11/accidentally-amish.html http://lovemy2dogs.blogspot.com/2012/10/accidentally-amish-by-olivia-newport.html If you’re interested in reading […]

Where Do Stories Start?

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Where do stories start? For me, stories begin with characters. As a writer, a character is likely to pop up in my brain first, then a setting. After that I need the elements of plot—an objective, obstacles, stakes that keep rising. As a reader, also, I tend to attach to a character before I start […]

Why I Get an F in Reading

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I get an F in reading. You probably do too. I read lots of books. And blogs. And magazines. And online articles. (Newspapers, not so much.) And I get an F. We’ve turned into a culture of scanners. We might read the first two or three lines of a piece of writing. After that, we […]

What I Like about Annie Friesen

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“Who is Annie Friesen?” you ask. I am happy to introduce you. Annie is the main character in the contemporary story line of my forthcoming book, Accidentally Amish. She’s smart. She’s determined. She’s self-reliant. She’s brave. She’s resourceful. And she is capable of opening her heart when her life takes a turn she never in […]

Erin MacPherson on: Three Writing Challenges That No Longer Scare Me

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Today begins a summer Wednesday series from writers I’ve had the privilege of meeting in cyberland. Nine writers will tell us what no longer scares them (but must have at one time). Welcome Erin McPherson, author of The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby. She has several more books in the works. When I […]

When is your next book coming out?

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I was out to coffee with my friend Sonja last week. I had the pleasure of signing and giving her a copy of The Pursuit of Lucy Banning, which is just about to release. She had read the book in manuscript form a few months back. She asked, “When does the next book come out?” […]

How Do You Write So Many Books? and other FAQs

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Characters stomp around in my head long before they hit the printing press. I have two series in the works, Avenue of Dreams and Valley of Choice. Now that release dates are getting close, I’m getting more questions from people I’ve known a long time and new people I meet. Here are a few quick […]

Confessions of a Workhorse

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A decade ago I was an in-house editor at a publishing house. Deadlines were unrelenting and unforgiving. Because of the nature of the market we served, the product HAD to go out the door on time. Not three weeks late. Not three days late. We moved projects between editors and designers in brown paper bags […]