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Gladden the Heart Releases!

Gladden the Heart Releases!

Gladden the Heart has officially released! New books come with a lot of official days that gladden the writer’s heart. Turning in that manuscript! Finished! Turning in revisions in response to the editors’ comments. Finished again! Receiving the PDF galley, when it’s laid out electronically and looks like the pages of book for the first […]

I Love the Library!


If you are looking for me on a Saturday afternoon, check the library. I’m there a lot with the purpose of adding words to my latest work-in-progress, which at the moment is a fifth addition to the Amish Turns of Time series. I’ve written before about libraries in my life. Sometimes unexpected things happen, like […]

Day 2 of Giveaway Gala

Accidentally Amish cover-1

I’m continuing my week of celebrating the June 1 release of In Plain View by giving away a book every day. This is the second day of celebration week, so I’m giving away a copy of my second novel–which also happens to be the first book in the Valley of Choice series that In Plain […]

Where Do Stories Start?

Olivia Newport antique writing desk

Where do stories start? For me, stories begin with characters. As a writer, a character is likely to pop up in my brain first, then a setting. After that I need the elements of plot—an objective, obstacles, stakes that keep rising. As a reader, also, I tend to attach to a character before I start […]

What I Like about Annie Friesen

Accidentally Amish cover-1

“Who is Annie Friesen?” you ask. I am happy to introduce you. Annie is the main character in the contemporary story line of my forthcoming book, Accidentally Amish. She’s smart. She’s determined. She’s self-reliant. She’s brave. She’s resourceful. And she is capable of opening her heart when her life takes a turn she never in […]