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Come Close. But Not That Close.

Olivia Newport photo of baby robins by Lorri Nussbaum

Lately in the mornings, when I come downstairs and push open the living room curtains to greet the day, I realize an instant too late that chickadees or sparrows or wrens or even an occasional grosbeak were breakfasting at the feeder outside the picture window, and my rushed movement scatters them. Nuts. I would have […]

Meet Nolan: Can’t Shop, But He Can Cook


If you missed reading about Jillian from The Inn at Hidden Run, you can meet her here. Nolan Duffy is her dad. They share a restored Victorian Home in Canyon Mines, Colorado, where they have settled into their grooves where Jillian works from home all the time and Nolan commutes three days a week to […]

My Summer List


It’s Saturday night, August 19 as I write, and I’ve been having one of those weeks where I believe the maxim that the older you get the faster time goes. Blink, and another week has passed. That never happens to you, right? My daughter is a Head Start teacher. She went back to work a […]

Enter the Panic Zone


It happens every year. About February, when we get a warm spell that you might not associate with February in Colorado (but which happens every year) I see the first signs of the rash of larkspur that brings glory to my yard in summer. Then it turns cold, we get a spring blizzard, and I […]

I’m Having Twins!


September 1 is a double release day! I’m excited about Wonderful Lonesome, the first in a set of three Amish historicals. And for icing on the birthday cake, this may be my favorite book cover yet. A hundred years ago, there was an Amish settlement on the eastern Colorado plain, about an hour and a […]

Mama Says #33

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

Almost every Sunday while I talk to my mother, her dog, Tag, has something to say. Usually it’s not very nice. He barks because my brother moves half an inch at his desk three rooms away. He barks because my mother is paying attention to me, not to him. That dog is protective of my […]

Surgeries That Changed My Life, Part 4

Olivia Newport Surgeries That Changed My Life, Part 4

Ten years ago. One month, three surgeries. The first surgery was planned, carefully scheduled for my husband to recover in time to enjoy a robust family vacation. This surgery was meant to solve, once and for all, some issues that had plagued my husband for 35 years. I hoped it would keep him from being […]

Would You Recognize Me If I Told the Truth?

Olivia Newport sparrow

My daughter straggled after me in the grocery store. I was intent on my list, and at that moment had my head in the dairy case. When I stepped back with my milk and plopped it in the cart, my daughter nudged me. “Didn’t that guy used to go to our church?” she whispered. I […]

Confessions of a Workhorse

Olivia Newport--a squirrel stretched too far

A decade ago I was an in-house editor at a publishing house. Deadlines were unrelenting and unforgiving. Because of the nature of the market we served, the product HAD to go out the door on time. Not three weeks late. Not three days late. We moved projects between editors and designers in brown paper bags […]