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On the Road

Olivia Newport Avenue of Dreams covers

Feels like forever since I posted! Since the last post: • My website was attacked by cyber terrorists. • The fine folks at AuthorMedia.com fought my battle for me, then moved my site to a new server. • I drove from Colorado to Illinois to visit my sister and mother. • I visited the Glessner […]

Are You a Snoopy Neighbor?


Do you ever wonder what’s going on around your neighborhood that you might not know about? Most of us are not out-and-out snoops. But we are curious. I once crept out at 11:00 at night because someone unfamiliar was in my neighbors’ front yard and I knew they were in South Dakota for five days. […]

Better with Friends

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Friends enrich our lives, plain and simple. Whatever journey we’re on, it’s better with friends. Friends who mourn when we mourn, rejoice when we rejoice. Friends who want to hear the whole story. Friends who come alongside and make things easier. The journey into publishing is no different—it’s better with friends. I’ve made bunches of […]

Museum of Wonder and Curiosity

Olivia Newport Museum of Science and Industry

I grew up in a suburb of Chicago tucked under an east-west runway of O’Hare. School field trips invariably involved the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. On any given school day, hordes of kids from all over Chicagoland rotated through exhibits. And the cafeteria, where we ate the lunches we carried from home […]