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How Do You Find the Courage to Choose?

This is a photo of the kitchen of the Glessner House, home of the historical neighbors of the fictional Bannings of Prairie Avenue.

Before the labor reforms that the twentieth century brought, workers had virtually no protection under the law. Employers did not need legal grounds for terminating employment, and they could demand whatever they wanted from workers. If the workers didn’t like it, employers could simply hire someone else. Working in domestic service actually offered more security […]

Around the ’Hood

Olivia Newport Prairie Avenue

Last week my brother posted on Facebook that he thought he had been in the Banning ’hood. That made me smile. The setting for my story The Pursuit of Lucy Banning is a real place! Three years ago about this time, I was in Chicago and saw Prairie Avenue for the first time. The Glessner […]

Prairie Avenue Comes Alive!

Olivia Newport Glessnser House sign

Today I bring you a guest post from Steve Reginald, the guy who singlehandedly is dragging all of us to the nineteenth century on the Avenue of Dreams. Almost three years ago, I sat in the coach house of the Glessner House Museum, in Chicago, for the first time. I was there to train as […]

A Victorian Christmas on Prairie Avenue

Olivia Newport Glessner House Museum Christmas 2011

Four days till Christmas. Are you rrrready? I’ve mentioned before that I had a terrific research partner while I was writing the stories for the Avenue of Dreams series. Stephen Reginald is a docent for the Glessner House Museum on Prairie Avenue in Chicago. The museum does an elaborate rendering of Christmas at the Glessner […]