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I Am Monochromatic (Or Metaphoric)

IMG_1608 2 10.50.00 AM

The other day I got dressed for church (I know. Some Sundays that in itself feels like an accomplishment worth celebrating!) and my mind started wandering as it so easily does. As I was flipping through my closet, I heard a voice from my past. “Your wardrobe is too beige.” The voice belonged to a […]

Just for the Record

Olivia Newport Irises 2018

Just for the record, in my last post, which I realize was…um…er…uh…a while ago, I specifically did not technically resolve to post on my blog more often. I merely said I might. Since then, ongoing shoulder pain only got worse while I was awaiting surgery, I had the surgery, I’ve been rehabbing, I will be […]

Enter the Panic Zone


It happens every year. About February, when we get a warm spell that you might not associate with February in Colorado (but which happens every year) I see the first signs of the rash of larkspur that brings glory to my yard in summer. Then it turns cold, we get a spring blizzard, and I […]

5 Things a Snow Day Shows Me

Olivia Newport - snowy branches

I should begin with a caveat. With the exception of seven months last winter, I have had the privilege of earning my fulltime income from within the confines of my home for more than eight years. On the one hand, this means that when I wake to eight inches of snow, there is no chance […]

Best Christmas Concert of the Year

Olivia Newport King's College Lessons and Carols

How many Christmas concerts or special services have you been to this year? I went to two, which is pretty typical for me. The first was a low-key, small crowd sort of thing, with a single performer on a piano in a mismatched venue that made the crowd look paltry. (It did not help that […]