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Mama Says #40

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

It’s been hot around here. Our temperatures have been matching south Florida. Humidity is about 90 percent lower than Florida, but it’s still hot. Mom has some advice about how to bring down the temperatures where you live. I figure it’s good advice for wherever you are if it’s hot. “Take a vacation to a […]

Mama Says #33

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

Almost every Sunday while I talk to my mother, her dog, Tag, has something to say. Usually it’s not very nice. He barks because my brother moves half an inch at his desk three rooms away. He barks because my mother is paying attention to me, not to him. That dog is protective of my […]

Mama Says #28

Olivia Newport - mom and brother at Disney

My two older brothers took my mom to Orlando for some Disney frolicking recently. A couple of weeks before this adventure, Mom and I were talking about her experiences with Disneyworld on previous visits. I remembered that she once brought my two kids beach towels featuring (separately) Aladdin and Snow White. She remembered watching a […]

Mama Says #27

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

Two Sundays ago, on April 1, it was 80 degrees. Of course, the wind was blowing at about 80 miles an hour as well. On Monday, the temperature plummeted 40 degrees, but the wind persisted. On Tuesday, we had a snow day. Yep, I live in Colorado. When I tell my mother these things, she […]

Mama Says #12:

Olivia Newport Mom and Tag

In south Florida in the middle of August, it’s hot. It’s hot in the morning, it’s hot in the afternoon, it’s hot in the evening. Overnight it cools down to what we call hot in Colorado. People don’t tend to sit around outside. Late one evening during my visit, Mom looked out the front door […]