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Of Losses and New Normals

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

I still have $2.85 left on the prepaid card at the coffee shop where I used to spend Saturday mornings. There used to be a barista who would see me coming through the door, with my laptop bag over my shoulder, and ask, “Having your usual?” I also had a usual table, and I admit […]

Mama Says #28

Olivia Newport - mom and brother at Disney

My two older brothers took my mom to Orlando for some Disney frolicking recently. A couple of weeks before this adventure, Mom and I were talking about her experiences with Disneyworld on previous visits. I remembered that she once brought my two kids beach towels featuring (separately) Aladdin and Snow White. She remembered watching a […]

Mama Says #27

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

Two Sundays ago, on April 1, it was 80 degrees. Of course, the wind was blowing at about 80 miles an hour as well. On Monday, the temperature plummeted 40 degrees, but the wind persisted. On Tuesday, we had a snow day. Yep, I live in Colorado. When I tell my mother these things, she […]

Mama Says #24

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

I don’t even know the context of this comment. My brother, who shares a home with my mother, is on alert for the quippy things she says. (Yes, I know quippy is not a dictionary kind of word, but I’m not writing a dictionary.) Fulfilling his duties, he sent me a text message that reported […]

Freeze Frame Moments

Olivia Newport baby robbins

Ever have a freeze frame moment? You walk in a room and instantly feel a significance beyond words. I have a young adult daughter who works full time, goes to college full time (yes, I’m proud), and has a social life. So she’s not home much, and if she is, she’s in the process of […]

Mama Says #13

Olivia Newport Mom and Tag

Bugs. Who needs them, at least inside the house? Especially not in the silverware drawer. My mom had an infestation of some sort. The exterminator came and took care of things, and she was in the phase of “Let me know if you see any more.” Well, she did see a few. Her response? “Whap! […]

Mama Says #12:

Olivia Newport Mom and Tag

In south Florida in the middle of August, it’s hot. It’s hot in the morning, it’s hot in the afternoon, it’s hot in the evening. Overnight it cools down to what we call hot in Colorado. People don’t tend to sit around outside. Late one evening during my visit, Mom looked out the front door […]

Mama Says #11

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

My mom named her dog “Tagalong,” Tag for short, because since the moment she adopted him he has had trouble differentiating himself from her. Wherever she is, that’s where Tag is. Actually, he’s gotten a little bossy about telling her where she is supposed to be. He sleeps a lot. One evening Mom was on […]

Mama Says #10

Olivia Newport Mom and Tag

My family roots are in the Chicago area. My mom has lived other places as well, but most of them involved cold winters. A couple of years ago, facing the onset of about her fiftieth Chicago December, she’d had enough and moved to Florida. She lives a leisurely, relaxed—and warm—life (and deserves every minute of […]

Mama Says #9

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

I spent three weeks with my mom in the middle of the summer, but I took my work with me. “Have laptop, will write” and all that. When I’m wrapped up in a story, I can get pretty driven. One evening my mother said, “You should quit. You’ve been working all day.” She was right […]