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Mama Says #6

Olivia Newport Mom and Tag

The television was on and I wasn’t paying much attention. A human interest story came on, the sort that newscasters use to end a depressing report on a lighter note. A couple in their nineties got married, and it was the first time for the bride. Mom said, “See! She used to be a nun […]

Mama Says #3

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

When I went to spend three weeks with my mother last summer, she had not been to church in a few weeks. So we went. She loves the music at her church. She loves the preaching. She loves all the elements of the worship service. But she doesn’t drive, and for various reasons her attendance […]

Mama Says #2

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

My brother looks after the shopping for my mom. If she has a hankering for something, she writes it on the scrap of paper at the corner of the counter and voila, it appears. When I was visiting with her, she decided to come to the grocery store with me. We were nearly ready to […]

Mama Says #1

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

I spent three weeks with my mom this last summer, just the two of us in her house in Florida. She said a lot of things I was glad to hear—sometimes hilarious, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes sentimental. The first one was,  “I’m 85, and I intend to be 95.”   Generally she’s well in physical health and attitude. Why […]