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What Happens to Unpublished Manuscripts?

Olivia Newport closet door

Close to 20 years ago I wrote a book. In those days, you could send a manuscript to an editor at most publishing houses, so I chose one and submitted. I got a very kind non-form letter with an actual name and signature, but it was a rejection. Even then I knew that the news […]

What I Like About Ruth Beiler

Olivia Newport Accidentally Amish cover

Accidentally Amish features Annie Friesen, a technology-addicted modern woman who finds herself unexpectedly among an Amish community she did not know existed. She discovers that Ruth Beiler, descended from three hundred years of the Amish, believes God is calling her out of the community that Annie is thinking about joining. I admire Ruth’s toughness. I […]

What I Like About Rufus Beiler

Olivia Newport Amish plow

Rufus Beiler moved from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to Custer County, Colorado. He discovered that farming in dry, rocky, southwestern Colorado is a whole ‘nother skill than agriculture in good old PA. He’s not a quitter. He sticks with his family as they face the challenge of carving out a new life in a new settlement […]

How Many Days Till Release?

Olivia Newport--cover of Accidentally Amish

Less than a month till the October 1 release day of Accidentally Amish! When I first start writing a book, whether under contract or not, I get consumed in plotting and dialogue and motivation. It can be hard to lift my eyes and see what will happen down the road. And in the meantime, regular […]

Tracing Family Genealogy One Baby at a Time

Olivia Newport great-nieces

The beaming woman in this picture is my sister. And what’s not to beam about? She is holding Eloise, her first grandchild, and Elsa, the second grandchild of our eldest brother. These two beauties were born about three weeks apart last summer. A few weeks later came Ella, the granddaughter of another brother. I got […]