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Things on My Mind I Don’t Get to Say

(Olivia Newport light on lake photo)

Two months after writing about being MIA on my own blog, I still am. Some of the reasons are the same. The migraine issues I wrote about in December (but which began in August) have crossed over into a diagnosis of “chronic.” Thankfully medication keeps them from being acute, though they are still daily, and […]

Mama Says #32

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

Somehow we got to talking about dogs. My mom remarked on a purebred dog she had seen in the neighborhood that she thought was striking. And then she turned her attention to the mutt in her lap, adorable in his own way. She said, “When I got him, he was on his way to … […]

Mama Says #31

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

My mom has been a great companion on my journey to publishing fiction. She’ll listen to me prattle on about every phase and never once say, “You know, I’m not all that interested in the details.” A few weeks ago I was talking to her about the somewhat angst-filled process of asking people to endorse […]

Mama Says #30

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

Don’t you hate it when you go to the dentist and come out in debt for a crown? Or you buy new tires and you cannot believe what they cost? Or your husband’s new glasses? Or what that simple landscaping project would come to? Or the home repair that you really have to do even […]

Mama Says #29

Olivia Newport Mom and Tag

My mom will always listen to me talk about what I’d like to write about or how some experience or conversation makes me think of a story. And believe me, my brain is on ADD-inducing steroids when it comes to seeing random story ideas everywhere in everything. Often they turn into complete stories in my […]

Mama Says #28

Olivia Newport - mom and brother at Disney

My two older brothers took my mom to Orlando for some Disney frolicking recently. A couple of weeks before this adventure, Mom and I were talking about her experiences with Disneyworld on previous visits. I remembered that she once brought my two kids beach towels featuring (separately) Aladdin and Snow White. She remembered watching a […]

Mama Says #25

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

When I visited my mother in Florida last summer, she threatened to move the recycling bin right next to the mailbox. Then she would let the mail carrier know to just put the delivery directly in the bin. More recently, my brother who shares her home told me that she said, “I wish I had […]