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Let’s Partaay! Release Day!


The dream of this day began a long time ago, when I received the gift of an editor who said, “If you could write anything you’d like, what would it be. We’d like to hear your ideas.” I let my mind drift in an entirely new direction than what I’d been writing. And the Tree […]

Meet Jillian, Genealogist Extraordinaire


In a few weeks, The Inn at Hidden Run will release, and right there on page 1 you’ll meet Jillian Parisi-Duffy. This is the first book in my new Tree of Life series, so as I created Jillian, I settled in to get to know her not just for one story but four. A few […]

Christmas in October


Years ago I worked in a retail fabric store. In the craft world, Christmas starts in July. During weeks of summer heat I measured and cut red and green Christmas fabrics while everybody in town with a sewing machine stacked up supplies to keep them going till December. In the book world, Christmas seems to […]

A Big Fat Book to Sink Into

Hidden Falls cover

Two months! I just realized how much time has passed since I last posted. Actually, I think of the month of August as “The Month That Was Not,” because I was under the weather for a few weeks. But also since the last time I posted, I’ve had an exciting release. Back in 2014, Hidden […]

I Love the Library!


If you are looking for me on a Saturday afternoon, check the library. I’m there a lot with the purpose of adding words to my latest work-in-progress, which at the moment is a fifth addition to the Amish Turns of Time series. I’ve written before about libraries in my life. Sometimes unexpected things happen, like […]

Savor the Ordinary

Olivia Newport - Jordan Martins collage

Nothing much happened in my life last week. Most of us don’t sit around hoping for bad stuff to strike. But we do sort of hope good stuff will happen. Exciting stuff. Hilarious stuff. Impressive stuff. Facebook- and Twitter-worthy stuff. I like those mountaintop moments as much as anyone. But if I get from Monday […]

I Got My Box

Olivia Newport Charlotte Farrow cover

Two weeks ago I got one advance copy of The Dilemma of Charlotte Farrow. Last week I got my box of author copies. It’s a fun moment. I’ve had this wondrous experience first with The Pursuit of Lucy Banning and then with Accidentally Amish. And now this latest book. Thrilling, I tell you. Thrilling. But […]

Can You Wear the Same Dress Twice?

Olivia Newport The Dilemma of Charlotte Farrow cover

Believe me, I was ecstatic when I first saw the cover of The Pursuit of Lucy Banning. Even before that, when the art director at my publisher sent me a photo of the dress they proposed to to put on Lucy. Gorgeous. I cannot tell you how many remarks I’ve heard about that dress! Everybody […]

Reviews of Accidentally Amish

Accidentally Amish cover-1

Wondering about Accidentally Amish? Did you like The Pursuit of Lucy Banning, but you’re not sure if Amish fiction is your cup of tea? Here’s a quick round-up of what some blogging readers are saying. They’ve been surprised at Amish with a new twist. http://relzreviewz.com/accidentally-amish-by-olivia-newport/#more http://www.christianmamasguide.com/2012/10/22/this-is-the-day-that-i-start-being-a-little-bit-amish/ http://reviewsfromtheheart.blogspot.com/2012/10/accidentally-amish.html http://whoopiepieplace.com/?p=365 http://bestreads-kav.blogspot.com/2012/11/accidentally-amish.html http://lovemy2dogs.blogspot.com/2012/10/accidentally-amish-by-olivia-newport.html If you’re interested in reading […]

Friday Night Lights

Olivia Newor toy chicken

Probably you have more exciting things to do on a Friday night. Me? I’ve been running around like a headless chicken for the last four hours. Pay the bills. Pow-wow with daughter about a project she wants help on. Trip to Target for the glamorous stuff we all have to buy. Stop for food on […]