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Installment 10 The Corner Trumpet

Nineteen August 1942   Slowly and quietly, Charlie was gathering his few things and getting ready to leave us. He had come home with only a duffel bag and his uniform, and he would probably leave with just the same stuff. Mama had washed and starched his sailor uniform and it hung, looking bright and […]

Installment 5: The Corner Trumpet

SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/haymiller/Documents/BOOKS%20OLIVIA%20NEWPORT/BLOG-SITE/The%20Corner%20Trumpet/Installment%205%20(9:10)%20Jan%202.doc Nine The jangling phone jolted him to consciousness. Nate. “Hello.” “Bill, I’m at the hospital.” Mindy’s strained voice pulled him upright. He turned on the light. “How bad is it?” “Not as bad as last time, I think. He asked me to bring him.” Last time Nate had refused to go until Bill threatened […]

Installment 2: The Corner Trumpet

In the first installment, set in 1971, Bill Byler returned to the small town of his childhood in northeastern Arkansas in search of the answer to unfinished business. This installment begins with a flashback to Bill at age nine. We hear the segments from the 1940s in Bill’s first person childhood voice. (Two chapters a […]