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Of Losses and New Normals

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

I still have $2.85 left on the prepaid card at the coffee shop where I used to spend Saturday mornings. There used to be a barista who would see me coming through the door, with my laptop bag over my shoulder, and ask, “Having your usual?” I also had a usual table, and I admit […]

How Long Does It Take You to Write a Book?

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When I started writing novels, I thought the question I needed to be ready to answer was, “What is your book about?” I learned by experience that even when an interested person asks that question, I have about 30 seconds to answer. So I’ve gotten better about developing succinct responses that are fair both to […]

How Is Your Noveling Going?

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This post originally ran on the WordServe Water Cooler blog at www.wordservewatercooler.com, a terrific daily resource and encouragement for writers of all varieties.   “Noveling.” On the day that I’m writing this, I’ve typed the word novelist several times and it keeps coming out noveling. “I’m a novelist” comes out “I’m noveling.” Well. There’s something […]