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I Am Monochromatic (Or Metaphoric)

IMG_1608 2 10.50.00 AM

The other day I got dressed for church (I know. Some Sundays that in itself feels like an accomplishment worth celebrating!) and my mind started wandering as it so easily does. As I was flipping through my closet, I heard a voice from my past. “Your wardrobe is too beige.” The voice belonged to a […]

Just for the Record

Olivia Newport Irises 2018

Just for the record, in my last post, which I realize was…um…er…uh…a while ago, I specifically did not technically resolve to post on my blog more often. I merely said I might. Since then, ongoing shoulder pain only got worse while I was awaiting surgery, I had the surgery, I’ve been rehabbing, I will be […]

Of Losses and New Normals

Mom and Tag - Olivia Newport

I still have $2.85 left on the prepaid card at the coffee shop where I used to spend Saturday mornings. There used to be a barista who would see me coming through the door, with my laptop bag over my shoulder, and ask, “Having your usual?” I also had a usual table, and I admit […]

I Love the Library!


If you are looking for me on a Saturday afternoon, check the library. I’m there a lot with the purpose of adding words to my latest work-in-progress, which at the moment is a fifth addition to the Amish Turns of Time series. I’ve written before about libraries in my life. Sometimes unexpected things happen, like […]

My Mount Hermon Story

Olivia Newport tumbling typewriter keys

I was twenty years old and a college student in southern California. A friend who knew I liked to write heard about a writers conference at Mount Hermon that coincided with spring break. She thought I should go. When I said I had no money, she pointed out that they offered scholarships. She could give […]

Why Writing in Obscurity Counts

Olivia Newport heron lifting wings

Hello? Is anybody there? If you’re a writer, you know that question well! If you’re a reader, please answer! When I first started blogging, I asked on my Facebook fan page what people might like to see me write about. One of the questions was about my discipline as a writer. The two series I […]

I Can’t Quilt, But I Can Write

Olivia Newport chair quilts

Straight stitches. Strong stitches. Even stitches. Patient stitches. Yeah, that’s where you lose me. Patience. My mother has made some beautiful quilts over the years, and I’m pleased to have some of them in my home. Last time I visited her, I wondered if she would notice if I packed up the one on the […]

The Great Platte River Road

Olivia Newport vintage wagon wheel

Fifteen years of curiosity came to a head at Thanksgiving. Fifteen years ago, my family moved from Illinois to Colorado. Since the extended family hub is still near Chicago, we’ve trekked back and forth too many times to count. My kids started asking for their favorite truck stops. Seriously. Have you seen the Iowa 80 […]

Four Things I Know About Me

Iris - Olivia Newport

I do angst really well. I’ve been drowning in drafts of blog posts, readying for the launch of this shiny new website. But what did the very first post need to say? I have six novels under contract, but none of them even has a cover yet. So I can’t do show and tell. I suspect most […]