Tree of Life

The Inn at Hidden Run

Meri’s family has been producing doctors for so many generations that no one remembers why, so when she flunks out of medical school, she runs as far from her parents as she can get. In the small mountain town of Canyon Mines, Colorado, she takes a job at the Inn at Hidden Run B&B. And waits. It’s only a matter of time.

What she doesn’t count on is genealogist Jillian Parisi-Duffy and her father, Nolan, having her back when it takes everything she has not to bolt again but to stay and face the truth that only unfolding her family’s history will reveal. While Nolan works on keeping Meri calm—and in town—Jillian pulls out of her gems of information she doesn’t know she has and arranges the puzzle pieces.

But none of that changes the fact that Meri’s family is closing in to haul her back to her “real” life. When their arrival inflames tensions and Meri finally does bolt, Nolan and Jillian may be out of time.

Release date: May 1, 2019


A delightful mixture of ancestral-discovery mixed with small-town charm, the characters of The Inn at Hidden Run come alive in their devotion to family roots, warmhearted kindness for their neighbor, and gentle faith. A must-read for anyone who loves exploring family origins!

—Jaime Jo Wright, Daphne du Maurier and Christy Award-Winner Author of The House on Foster Hill

An immersive read populated by characters as rich as the carefully crafted Colorado setting of Canyon Mines, The Inn at Hidden Run is at once a love letter to the past and a mystery. Newport smartly differentiates herself in the popular “time slip” genre by rooting her story in the art of genealogy. At home with both the historical canvas of epidemic-raged late 19th-century Memphis and her contemporary frame, Newport examines the core human desire for a sense of roots and belonging. Anyone who has ever wondered how the patches of their histories are sewn into the fabric of their lives will feel completely at home in Hidden Run.

—Rachel McMillan, author of Murder in the City of Liberty

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